Learning throwing technique.

Stoneware made by students.

FIRE HOLE POTTERY                    

4069 Linney Road  Bozeman, MT 59718 USA

(406) 388 - 1943    


Private Lessons and Gift Certificates for Private Lessons are available.
(High Fire Stoneware, Pit-Fire Earthenware, or Raku)

Carl has been teaching pottery for 35 years at studios and art centers around Bozeman, Montana. Recently he has opened his studio for private lessons only. He has 3 wheels available to accommodate up to 3 students at a time. Each lesson offers personalized instruction on the age old art of creating pottery using the potters wheel. Lessons include clay, the initial bisque firing, and instruction on glazing the finished pottery to be fired in the high fire gas kiln. The lessons are $45.00 an hour for each person. Contact Carl through email or by phone to arrange class times: carl@fireholepottery.com or 406-388-1943.


Master Potter Carl Sheehan of Fire Hole Pottery